Tanks on the move!

  • 12-01-2024

Over the coming weeks, you're bound to witness numerous tank transports on the road, undoubtedly originating from our latest Tracks and Trade auction. On their way to their new owners who eagerly ánd carefree await their new vehicles at home.

Tracks and Trade is not only about vehicle sales; we are also here to provide support after the sale. With the experienced team from BAIV present in person, we ensure the comprehensive handling of your purchased or sold vehicle worldwide. Paperwork, road transport and shipping – BAIV excels in these aspects, particularly in the case of complex transports involving tanks, armored vehicles, and weapons.

Tracks & Trade and BAIV stand by you during the whole process. So when you buy at Tracks & Trade auctions, you’ll never walk alone!

Team Tracks & Trade

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Ivo Rigter Sr.