About Tracks & Trade

A first introduction

Tracks & Trade is a professional online auction and network platform for historic military vehicles and associated equipment - powered by military vehicle experts - where passion, engineering and historical expertise meet maximum convenience and confidence for both buyers and sellers.

As a co-owner of BAIV BV, one of the most respected high-end classic military vehicle restoration companies in the world, Ivo Rigter Sr. saw a clear need for taking the complexity and uncertainties out of the trade in historic military vehicles and tanks. 

The result is Tracks &Trade, a platform where users can purchase a classic military vehicle, safe in the knowledge that its provenance is sound. The team behind the platform also offers possible restoration solutions and assistance in obtaining the necessary permits and licenses to ensure that the vehicle arrives safely at its destination after the change of ownership.

The team behind Tracks & Trade

General manager

Ivo Rigter Sr.

Ivo Senior (co-owner BAIV) uses his extensive network to identify vehicles looking for a new owner and handles most of the contacts with the sellers. He is one of the driving forces behind TracksandTrade and BAIV, and has been passionately involved with historic military vehicles for more than 45 years.

Director Operations

Henk van Dongen

Henk is an expert in planning and operations management. He handles all the operational aspects of TracksandTrade, the website and the auction platform. He ensures that the vehicles and associated items are ready on time and available for final shipping as promised.

Process Manager

Ivo Rigter Jr.

Ivo Junior (co-owner BAIV) is a highly knowledgeable military vehicle professional and manages all aspects of the auction site presentation and follow-up.

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Ivo Rigter Sr.