Service after selling

Yes! I sold my vehicle. And now?

Tracks & Trade is not only about vehicle sales; we are also here to provide support after the sale. With the experienced team from BAIV present in person, we ensure the comprehensive handling of your sold vehicle worldwide. Paperwork, road transport and shipping – BAIV excels in these aspects, particularly in the case of complex transports involving tanks, armored vehicles, and weapons.

Thanks to our extensive national and international coverage, we can deliver vehicles to all corners of the world. Tracks & Trade and BAIV stand by you during the whole process. Once your vehicle has been sold, we will make arrangements to make sure your vehicle will leave your garage, hall or storage space as soon as possible.

And when it comes to export licenses and weapons-related shipments; as a certified arms dealer, BAIV has the experience and knows the way!

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Ivo Rigter Sr.