Viewing days

Why participate in a viewing day?

In the lead-up to our auction, we offer sellers the opportunity to have their vehicles participate in one of our viewing days. This can take place at our location in Nederweert or even directly at your home.

We always recommend making your vehicle available for personal inspection by potential buyers. A viewing day provides numerous benefits for sellers:

  • Item Inspection: A viewing day allows buyers to personally inspect the items on offer before placing a bid. This gives them the opportunity to thoroughly assess the condition, quality, and authenticity of the items, aiding in making an informed decision.

  • Hands-on Experience: By seeing and touching the items in person, buyers gain a better sense of their size, proportions, and any details that may not be fully conveyed in photos or descriptions. This can help them better assess the value of an item and determine if it meets their expectations.

  • Expert Advice: Viewing days are sometimes hosted by members of Tracks & Trade (in Nederweert) or, even better, by the owner him/herself. They will help to answer questions and provide advice about the items at first hand. This may range from information about the origin and history of a piece to practical tips on its maintenance. This expertise can help buyers make better informed decisions. In any case, Ivo Rigter Sr. is always more than happy to answer questions that day by phone, videocall or email. He will be stand-by! 

  • Networking Opportunities: A viewing day provides buyers with the chance to meet other collectors and enthusiasts, allowing them to expand their network and share knowledge about their common areas of interest. This can lead to valuable contacts and exchanges of information and experiences.

  • Building Confidence: By participating in a viewing day, buyers can build confidence in the auction process and the auction house itself. They can see how the items are presented and how the auction process unfolds, giving them a sense of transparency and reliability.

Overall, a viewing day at an auction provides a unique opportunity for sellers to allow buyers to inspect items they are considering purchasing, seek expert advice, and build confidence in the auction process. It is an essential step for anyone serious about acquiring valuable and authentic pieces.

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Feel free to contact us for more information about the possibilities and conditions for participating in our viewing days.

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