Reviews from our sellers

Paul Visser

​"Absolutely fantastic. We’re​ celebrating!! Thank you for the payment! Everything was perfectly arranged. Thank you so much. It’s always a real pleasure to work with​ you! It’s also fantastic that our Priest is going to Canada. It couldn’t have been better!!"

Arie de Snaijer

"Thank you so much for transferring the payment so quickly and, of course, thank you for all your efforts to sell my vehicle. Currently I’ll be working on other projects. But a historical vehicle project is also in my mind for the future! Goodbye for now."

Luc Vandenabeele

"​My wife and I followed the auction on the tip of our chair. Very satisfied with the entire process, the neat and correct handling and smooth payment. You are by far the best auction house I have done business with. ​I will miss our contact Ivo!"

Ben Gchesquiere

"​I have now sold a second vehicle through your auction. Once again very satisfied with your attitude and your personal approach. Moreover, I really enjoyed the delivery in Nederweert together with my father."

William & Etienne Davies

"​My son and I have sincerely got to know you as extraordinary people who pay a lot of attention to the interests of buyers and sellers. We also personally enjoyed your visits and friendship. We really enjoyed selling through you because we were completely unburdened."

Jef Keuppens

"What I especially appreciated is the personal communication and everything that you have done!​"

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