Vehicle conditions

How to determine the condition?

As an online auction house specializing in classic military vehicles, assessing the technical and general condition of these unique vehicles and other military objects is a critical aspect of our business. Here's how we determine the condition of classic military vehicles:

  • Detailed Inspection

    Before listing any classic military vehicle for auction, we try to conduct a comprehensive technical inspection. Our team of experts thoroughly examines every aspect of the vehicle, including the engine, transmission, chassis, suspension, brakes, and electrical systems. This inspection helps us identify any mechanical issues or areas requiring attention.

  • Documentation Review

    If available, we at Tracks & Trade carefully review the vehicle's documentation, including maintenance records, service history, and any available original manuals or technical documents. This information provides valuable insights into the vehicle's maintenance and repair history, helping us assess its overall condition and authenticity.

  • Visual Examination

    Visual inspection plays a crucial role in evaluating the general condition of a classic military vehicle. We closely examine the exterior and interior for signs of wear, damage, rust, corrosion, missing parts or any modifications that may affect its authenticity or functionality. This includes inspecting the bodywork, paint, upholstery, gauges, controls, and military-specific features like the gun or breech of a tank.

  • Functional Testing

    To ensure that restored vehicles are in proper working order, we conduct functional tests on key components and systems. This may include starting the engine, testing the transmission, engaging the four-wheel-drive system (if applicable), checking the functionality of lights and indicators, and verifying the operation of auxiliary equipment such as winches or communications devices.

  • Historical Research

    Understanding the vehicle's history and military service is essential for assessing its condition and authenticity. We research the vehicle's military lineage, deployment history, and any modifications or upgrades it may have undergone during its service life. This historical context helps us verify the vehicle's authenticity and assess its overall significance.

  • Expert Consultation

    In cases where additional expertise is required, we may consult with specialists or collectors with specific knowlegde of certain type of vehicles. Their insights and knowledge can provide valuable perspectives on the vehicle's condition, authenticity, and historical significance, helping us make informed decisions during the evaluation process.

By following these steps and leveraging our expertise, we ensure that every classic military vehicle listed for auction meets our high standards of quality, authenticity, and reliability. Our goal is to provide collectors and enthusiasts confidence in the vehicle the are going to bid on.

However, Tracks & Trade cannot always verify the accuracy of supplied information, access a lot before the sale, or inspect it in detail. Therefore we cannot always guarantee the accuracy of provided information.

Prospective buyers are strongly encouraged to personally inspect lots. Tracks & Trade provides viewing days to offer potentional buyers the posibility to inspect the lots which are up for auction.

It is important to note that Tracks & Trade will not be involved in disputes related to the lot’s condition.

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