Step in the footsteps of Military Veterans

A broad selection of rare historic military vehicles and militaria. Our next spring auction is on April 19th, 20th and 21th. More information will follow soon.


A sneak preview of our Spring Auction 2024

In the upcoming auction, there are more than 30 fantastic tanks and military vehicles. Here's a small sneak preview.

105 mm Howitzer Motor Carriage M7B1 ‘Priest’

lot number XXXX

Churchill tank

lot number XXXX

Stuart M3A1

lot number XXXX

Auction your vehicle safely and securely

  • More than 2 million bidders

    Our auctions are popular among bidders. In 2022, 32 lots were sold and about 2 million people showed their interest.

  • Specialist team

    You will do business with a driven team of specialists. And don’t forget, we always get in touch on a personal level.

  • Complete unburdening

    We will take responsibility for everything so that you know that all related documentation, indemnity, delivery and, of course, payment are covered!

  • No auction fees

    We don’t believe in opaque premiums and auction fees. We charge only a flat Buyers Premium of 16,5% (excl. VAT). We aim at transparency and fairness in everything we do.

  • Years of experience

    We have 30 years of experience in buying and selling military vehicles.

The latest news

Participate in our Spring Auction 2024

Tracks & Trade is currently in the process of preparing for our next online Spring Auction 2024.

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Tanks on the Move!

Over the coming weeks, you're bound to witness numerous tank transports on the road, undoubtedly originating from our latest Tracks and Trade auction.

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Discover tax benefits with military vehicle ownership before 2024

An investment before the end of the fiscal year can potentially offer you certain tax benefits, depending on the type of investment and the specific tax rules in the United States.

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I can’t attend the online auction. Can I still bid?

Telephone or Proxy bidding provides an option for individuals unable to attend the online auction due other obligations but determined to make a bid on their desired lot(s).

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The Majestic British SAS Jeep

Hidden within history lies the mesmerizing SAS Jeep, the legendary desert phantom of World War II. This astounding machine roared across the sand dunes, wreaked havoc behind enemy lines, and epitomized the valor of the Allies

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Viewing days on Friday November 17th. and Friday November 24rd

Tracks and Trade auctions is not all about unique military items but also about customer service and support. Online actions are a fantastic way of buying a wide variety of items with minimal headaches.

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The 2023 Fall Auction is NOW open for bidding

We all have been waiting for this moment! From today you can start bidding on your desired lot(s). So let the bidding frenzy commence! May the highest bid win, and may you walk away with a piece of military history.

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November 11th starts our greatest once-in-a-decade auction

Save the date for an exciting journey into history with the third Tracks and Trade Auction, starting on Saturday, November 11th, 2023, and ending on Saturday, December 2nd, 2023, at 11:00 AM CST. 

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Discover the fantastic lots in our new Fall 2023 Brochure

Step in the footsteps of Military Veterans and dive into a world-class collection of military heritage! We have crisscrossed Europe, toured the US, Middle East, and even ventured to Australia and New Zealand. 

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BAIV and Tracks & Trade: the perfect combination

BAIV BV, founded and operated by Ivo Rigter Senior and his son, Ivo Rigter Junior, is a family business specialized in supplying, restoring, and servicing historic armored vehicles and tanks. 

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The success stories of your predecessors

20 mm Quadruple mounted ‘Polsten’ AA Gun

A fascinating mix of Polish, Czech, British and Canadian ingenuity

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Ford M8 Greyhound Light Armored Car (T22E2)

If only ‘Beverly’ could talk – she’d have a gripping tale to tell

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GMC G-508 6x6 TRUCK with no. 7 set and winch

Widely used in all theaters of operations of World War II as a light recovery vehicle and for airport support, this ‘Jimmy’ will see some old haunts

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Very rare Stuart M3A3 in perfect running order

Used in World War II by the Free French Army, this Stuart M3A3 participated in the liberation of Paris

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The Priest comes home

After a long journey through Korea, France, Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands, this expertly restored Priest has returned to the North American Continent

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