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lot number 233

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US Halftrack M16

lot number 235

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US Tank Destroyer M36 Jackson 90mm

lot number 237

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The latest news

Visit us at Militracks 2023

Tracks and Trade and BAIV will be at Militracks 2023. An ideal opportunity to talk to us about, for instance the realization of your ultimate dream, the improvement of your collection or to plan to sell your vehicle.

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Half Track M9A1 Personnel Carrier

Of all the WW II halftracks used by the Allied forces, the M9A1 halftrack is probably the most sought-after. Made by International Harvester Company, its advanced engineering puts it head and shoulders above similar vehicles.

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US 1944 M32B1 Armored Recovery Vehicle

The result of 45 years of courting and cajoling – and she’s a beauty. “It’s the WW II version of your local heavy truck retrieval and towing service”

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Amphibian Truck 2 ½ ton, 6x6 GMC DUKW

This is one very special Duck! Besides its historical value and appeal as an example of true WW II American ingenuity, this particular and structurally original vehicle can still be used for its intended service.

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76.2 mm Japanese AA Naval Gun

My jaw dropped when I browsed through this auction lot brochure! Eyebrow-raiser no. 1: a WW II Japanese naval gun in the Netherlands, how on earth is that possible?

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Chevrolet Field Artillery Tractor (FAT), cab 11 type, and Limber Artillery Trailer

When I saw Chevrolet in the description, I automatically assumed that this was an American-made truck. However, this as-new restoration of what is now a very rare vehicle is a CMP (Canadian Military Pattern) version of a British 15cwt truck. Fascinating.

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US Tank Destroyer M36 Jackson

I am often tempted to reach for my wallet when I see an elegant sportscar, or a fast or rare motorcycle. This time, that urge to acquire something beautiful and special was triggered by ‘Big Chief’.

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Have a look at this gorgeous Willys MB 1945

The Willys MB 1945, a four-wheel utility vehicle from the second world war, will be for sale at our next auction. These Jeeps were used by the U.S. military and other allied forces.

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The M36 Jackson Tank Destroyer gave the final push for the Allies to win the war!

The M36 is the heavier successor of the M10 Wolverine, which was no longer able to compete with the heavier German tanks at the end of WWII, such as the Panther and the Tiger.

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One of our beloved showpieces: the German VW Kübelwagen Typ 82!

The Volkswagen Kübelwagen (Volkswagen Typ 82) was a passenger vehicle used by the German Wehrmacht and the Waffen-SS during World War II.

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The success stories of your predecessors

20 mm Quadruple mounted ‘Polsten’ AA Gun

A fascinating mix of Polish, Czech, British and Canadian ingenuity

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Ford M8 Greyhound Light Armored Car (T22E2)

If only ‘Beverly’ could talk – she’d have a gripping tale to tell

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GMC G-508 6x6 TRUCK with no. 7 set and winch

Widely used in all theaters of operations of World War II as a light recovery vehicle and for airport support, this ‘Jimmy’ will see some old haunts

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Very rare Stuart M3A3 in perfect running order

Used in World War II by the Free French Army, this Stuart M3A3 participated in the liberation of Paris

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The Priest comes home

After a long journey through Korea, France, Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands, this expertly restored Priest has returned to the North American Continent

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