Visit us at Militracks 2023

Militracks 2023: See some beautiful pieces

Tracks and Trade and BAIV will be at Militracks 2023. An ideal opportunity to talk to us about, for instance the realization of your ultimate dream, the improvement of your collection or to plan to sell your vehicle. We can assist you in all areas.

So, during this event there is plenty of time to talk to us about all of this and if you want even more.

We also take a few special pieces with us, such as:

  • A unique barn find; 1936 unrestored Turret PzKpfw I Ausf.A Nr. 1180:
    A collector’s dream: absolutely unique recent discovery in Greece and in original untouched condition. This turret comes with verified history. The Panzer where it 1 was used during the Balkan campaign. After being knocked out this turret was utilized by the German Army as a ‘Panzerstellung’ fortification.

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  • A Rheinmetall designed Russian made M31 76mm AA gun which was the basis of the Russian air defense in the early years of WWII. Interesting detail; This unit was captured by the German Army during Operation Barbarossa, and used for home defense purposes. Later, 114 of these ended up in Finland where it was used for the coastal defence purposes in the post war period.

  • And some more……

Come to see us at Militracks and visit us on either Saturday or Sunday at booth 136.

We look forward to welcoming you!