I can’t attend the online auction. Can I still bid?

Yes you can!

We understand not everyone is able to adjust their plans or itinerary to fit our online auction time and date. Therefore, we offer you some services to overcome this unfortunate situation.  Telephone or Proxy bidding provides an option for individuals unable to attend the online auction due other obligations but determined to make a bid on their desired lot(s).


Telephone bidding

In the case of telephone bidding, a member of the auction team will contact you during the event. He will keep you informed about the current bidding status, relay competing bids as they come in, and execute bids on your behalf according to your instructions. It's important to note that there is a potential risk of a lost telephone connection, preventing you from placing bids. To minimize this risk, you may consider pre-advising us your maximum bid.


Proxy bidding

Proxy bidding involves informing the auction team of your maximum bid, and the auctioneer will then bid on your behalf up to that maximum amount. The goal is to secure the property for you at or below your specified maximum bid. If the in-person bidding exceeds your set maximum, your proxy bid will conclude.


If you intend to bid through telephone or proxy, you can download and fill in the proxy form. It's essential to make arrangements and register before the auction day, including completing required forms and providing necessary bidding information. In Appendix 3 of the Brochure, you will also find a sample of Bid Form which you can use in this case. ID verification is mandatory, and remote bidders must have completed all standard due diligence procedures in advance.


Please note that we have limited telephone bidding options available and the final registration date for telephone bidding is November 28th.


If you would like to know more about these options please contact Ivo Rigter Sr. by mobile phone; +31 6 518 22 502 or email; [email protected]

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