Consignment fees

By charging consignment fees, Tracks & Trade can maintain a certain quality standard. It discourages sellers from submitting low-value or poor-quality items, which ultimately improves the overall quality of the items offered and will attract more serious buyers.

Tracks & Trade will also use the consignment fees to invest in high-quality presentation of the items, such as professional photography, detailed descriptions, and attractive displays. This can enhance the perceived value among potential buyers and lead to better sales results.

Needless to say, at Tracks and Trade, we understand that exposure of your vehicle is very important. That’s why we invest in extensive global marketing campaigns, ensuring your vehicle receives the attention it deserves. This fee is used for promotion through renowned forums, industry-related magazines, leading websites, and popular social media channels. Is your vehicle for sale? We’ll let the world know!

In addition, we organize and promote viewing days, allowing potential buyers to see, inspect and appreciate your vehicle up close.

With this approach, we ensure that your vehicle is presented to a wide and relevant audience, significantly increasing the chances of a successful sale.


Consignment categories:

  • Submission of 1 vehicle: 10% Of the minimum reserve price.

  • Submission of 2 vehicles: 7.5% Of the minimum reserve price.

  • Submission of 3 vehicles: 5% Of the minimum reserve price.

  • Submission of more than 3 vehicles: A customized package deal is offered.

We charge a consignment fee of € 1.500,- for submission of vehicles with a reserve price of € 15.000 or less.

All consignment fees are excluding VAT (if applicable).

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