Gorgeous Willys MB 1945

Have a look at this Gorgeous Willys MB 1945

The Willys MB 1945, a four-wheel utility vehicle from the second world war, will be for sale at our next auction. These Jeeps were used by the U.S. military and other allied forces. Because it could be deployed on all terrains, this Jeep served a variety of purposes. Because of its high top speed it could serve as a field ambulance or fire fighting pumper. Equipped with the right wheels, it could also run on railway tracks.

This Willys MB was built in 1945 and is still in a drivable condition. If only this car could talk! The exact history of this veteran is unknown, but after the war it was purchased by a farmer in California. The Jeep was used for farming work until 2003. In July 2002 it got its last renewed license plate.

This Jeep is an absolute time capsule. It was never restored but always used, never abused, and maintained well until it's retirement. Its patina and untouched look makes it highly desirable. Original paint and markings are still there, sometimes under an extra layer of paint. All major systems are fully functioning, including brakes, cooling system and the engine / driveline. Its (very) basic interior is also in good condition, and functions as it should. 

If you’re interested in this Jeep, please refer to our auction website form more information.. The auction will end on Saturday March 11, 2023, at 4:00 pm (CET) so be sure to register on time and bid on this extraordinary lot.

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