Half Track M9A1 Personnel Carrier

Lot 0206, Tracks & Trade March 2023 auction

Never cut, nearly 100% original and with perfect patina

The other vehicle on our list today is lot 0206, an M9A1 Personnel Carrier.

Of all the WW II halftracks used by the Allied forces, the M9A1 halftrack is probably the most sought-after. Made by International Harvester Company, its advanced engineering puts it head and shoulders above similar vehicles. IHC fitted these vehicles with an inline 6 OHV engine, which was far more powerful than the side valve engines used by other manufacturers. The company also had tooling that was capable of bending 5/16” armored plate, leading to a more streamlined production process and greater inherent strength of the final product.

This example’s exact wartime history still remains cloaked in mystery; however we know from its identification number that it was produced for the Allies rather than the US Army, and that it was used on the Western Front. After the war, it was overhauled in France in the 1950s and saw service in the French Army. It was decommissioned in the 1970s and sold to a local collector who restored it completely in the late 1980s.

After discussing the background details, Ivo tells me that this particular vehicle is “definitely the most original and untouched International Harvester halftrack” he has ever seen. Nearly 100% original, never converted for civilian use, nicely restored a few years ago, never cut about, road-registered in Belgium and with many years of reliable use left in it.

“It’s the one to have”, he tells me, “particularly if you are a collector of the vehicles and other equipment used by the Allied forces in Europe.”

Robert de Lange’s independent expert assessment confirms this vehicle’s uniqueness and desirability. An investment that can only appreciate in value.

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