GMC G-508 6x6 TRUCK with no. 7 set and winch

Widely used in all theaters of operations of World War II as a light recovery vehicle and for airport support, this ‘Jimmy’ will see some old haunts

This GMC 2.5 ton G508 6x6 truck, fitted with the much-coveted no. 7 set and winch, was fully restored in 2017. Also known popularly as the “Jimmy” or the "Deuce and a Half" by the American forces, this type of truck formed the backbone of the famed Red Ball Express truck convoy system that kept the Allied armies supplied as they pushed eastward after the Normandy invasion.

After being enjoyed for several years by its former Dutch owner, this expertly restored example came up for sale in one of TracksandTrade’s 2022 auctions. The new owner, who lives in the United Kingdom, had been looking for a good example of this specific type of truck for many years.

The purchaser is Trevor Miners, who lives not far from the former RAF Little Walden airfield in the UK, which was primarily used by the USAF in World War II. He has clear memories of the “Jimmies” used at this airfield as support vehicles during the war and decided to buy this perfectly restored example.

The team at TracksandTrade coordinated the sale with their usual professionalism, arranged all the complicated paperwork needed in the current Brexit situation along with an export registration plate, and then delivered the truck to Hoek van Holland. Mr. Miners collected the truck in Harwich and drove it home.

“TracksandTrade really is the place to buy if you want to take all the uncertainties out of purchasing a Classic Military Vehicle. The description was 100% accurate, the auction process smooth and convenient, and literally all I had to do was

drive the truck home from Harwich! What a great service!”

Trevor Miners, Saffron Walden

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