Ford M8 Greyhound Light Armored Car (T22E2)

If only ‘Beverly’ could talk – she’d have a gripping tale to tell

Left behind in France after World War II, this Ford M8 Greyhound Light Armored Car was purchased from the French Army by a French collector in the 1970s. He almost certainly rescued ‘Beverly’ from the scrapheap, the last resting place of many of these plucky armored cars. Unfortunately, little is known about ‘Beverly’s’ wartime service, but if she could talk, she’d definitely have a gripping tale to tell. After a partial restoration carried out in France, ‘Beverly’ was sold to a collector in Belgium where she saw peacetime action as a participant in shows and parades. BAIV B.V. discovered the vehicle in 2021 and restored it to its current excellent serviceable condition for a Dutch customer in just eight months.

‘Beverly’ was put up for sale at auction by its former Dutch owner in 2022 to help pay for a new house. Her new owner is William Bannister, a major donor and Trustee of The Tank Museum in Bovington in the United Kingdom, and CEO of Motor Fuel Group. The M8 will be added to his collection of American military vehicles, a personal passion that has its roots in the close and friendly contacts between his family and American servicemen stationed in the UK during the build-up to D-Day.

Both the seller and the buyer are delighted with TracksandTrade’s role in this sale at auction.

“TracksandTrade took all the hassle and uncertainty out of this transaction. After the restoration by BAIV B.V., I knew the vehicle would be perfect, and it is. It’s a great addition to my collection.”

William Bannister, Trustee of The Tank Museum

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