Chevrolet Field Artillery Tractor (FAT), cab 11 type, and Limber Artillery Trailer

Lot 0229, Tracks & Trade March 2023 auction

For a relatively humble vehicle, the shape is striking. Purposeful. ‘Eyes’ wide open, scanning the road ahead. Hunched shoulders, back arched, rear quarters tensed, ready for action.

When I saw Chevrolet in the description, I automatically assumed that this was an American-made truck. However, this as-new restoration of what is now a very rare vehicle is a CMP (Canadian Military Pattern) version of a British 15cwt truck. Fascinating.

As a member of the Commonwealth, Canada quickly stepped into the breach after the British were forced to leave many of their vehicles behind in France when they were driven back into the sea at Dunkirk in 1940. Those deficits had to be made up as soon as possible and Canada, through its well-developed automotive industry, ended up producing in excess of 400,000 CMPs for the Allied Forces, of which about 22,000 were Field Artillery Tractors. In spite of these impressive numbers, almost none have survived. Most of the trucks that were not destroyed in combat action during the war were simply repurposed for civilian use and ended up in an anonymous scrapyard after years of hard duty.

Purchased as a restoration project in 2002 by the current owner, this truck has been lovingly and painstakingly restored to as-new condition (Class A restoration), the result of about 2000 hours of work. The list of jobs done is almost endless: new bodywork panels made from scratch, but historically 100% accurate, fully reconditioned chassis and drivetrain, reupholstered seats, fully repainted and.. as icing on the cake, period-correct and roadworthy tires of the right size. It is road-registered (in Belgium) and starts on the button.

Anyone interested in this lot, complete with the Limber Artillery Carrier, will almost certainly also want to buy the 25 Pounder Field Gun offered as a separate lot in the auction. You will then be the proud owner of your personal, fully complete and accurate time capsule of historically matching items!

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