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Auctioning Classic Military Vehicles and accessories is often a highly complex process. We at TracksandTrade know from previous experience with a generalist auction house exactly where the challenges lie.

The auction will start on the 11th of November en ends on the 2nd of December. Can you not wait till the auction starts? Tracks and Trade give you the unique possibility to buy the given lots with the buy now button.

TracksandTrade organises all the licenses required and handles the logistics for you!

Perfect service, and a friendly and flexible approach.

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Seamless Shopping: How the Buy Now Option Simplifies Auction Purchases

In the fast-paced world of online auctions, the Buy Now option has emerged as a game-changer, making the bidding process more efficient and convenient for bidders. This feature allows users to purchase items instantly, without having to wait for the auction to begin. In this blog, we'll explore how the Buy Now function streamlines the buying process and enhances the overall auction experience.


The Buy Now Function:

The Buy Now function is a convenient feature offered by our auction website. It allows bidders to acquire items they desire immediately at a fixed price, rather than participating in the bidding war. This means that you can secure your favorite items without waiting for the auction to start or worrying about being outbid.

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Buy Now vs. Auction:

While Buy Now offers convenience, it's important to note that the option is available until the auction begins. Once the auction starts, the Buy Now function is disabled, and you can only participate in the traditional bidding process. This ensures fairness and equal opportunities for all bidders during the live auction event.


The Buy Now Price:

When a bidder purchases an item using the Buy Now function, the sales price is immediately removed from the website. This prevents other users from buying the same item at the fixed price once it's sold. The Buy Now option ensures that each item is only available for purchase in this manner until the auction begins.