20 mm Quadruple mounted ‘Polsten’ AA Gun

A fascinating mix of Polish, Czech, British and Canadian ingenuity

This unit remained in service into the 1950s before it was decommissioned. Acquired by a Dutch collector in the Southern part of the Netherlands in the late 1990s, it is one of only 3 surviving units in this trim! The ‘Polsten’ is a fascinating mix of Polish, Czech, British and Canadian ingenuity. Originating in Poland, it was designed as a more economical version of the 20 mm Oerlikon gun, consisting of just 119 parts in comparison to the 230 parts required for its Swiss counterpart. When the Germans invaded Poland in 1939, the Polish design team escaped to the UK where they continued their work with the help of Czech and British designers. The gun and its carriage were ultimately produced by the Royal Small Arms Factory Enfield and John Inglis & Company in Canada. This unit was restored and completed in 2014, before it was sold to a Belgian collector.

The Polsten’s new owner, Oorlogsmuseum Gydnia in Axel, Zeeland, in the Netherlands is delighted with this new addition to the collection. The Museum focuses on the fighting that took place in Zeeland-Flanders and around Axel, and specifically highlights the role played by the brave liberators of the Polish First Armored Division. The fact that this AA gun was designed by Polish engineers and that this particular unit was probably used to down German V1 flying bombs over nearby Antwerp makes its current home even more appropriate.

Mario Maas, the collector who runs Oorlogsmuseum Gydnia, enjoyed the convenience of dealing with TracksandTrade.

“TracksandTrade presented this very rare gun extremely well, describing all the pros and cons with 100% accuracy. Working with a party that believes in absolute honesty and arranges everything for you, right down to the tiniest detail, is extremely refreshing”.

Mario Maas, Proprietor Oorlogsmuseum Gydnia

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